Monday, May 12, 2014

This Week's Picks: 12 May

By Jeff Mack
Ages: 3-5 years

Frog is nestling into the pond when he is caught! Aahh! But alas, he escapes! Ah ha! Many creatures are out to get frog and his escapes are narrow. This is a really cute book that simply uses only two letters.

Lemonade War
By Jacqueline Davies
Ages: 9-12

Evan Treski is good with people. His younger sister Jessie is not. Jessie Treski is good at math. Her older brother Evan is not. The summer before Evan's fourth grade year, a letter arrives in the mail announcing Jessie's advance into the fourth grade. The two siblings will be in fourth grade together. The lemonade war ensues and the one that makes the most money wins. The Lemonade War is full of life related math problems, marketing tips and each chapter begins with a marketing term and it's definition. Lemonade War is a series: The Lemonade Crime, The Bell Bandit, The Candy Smash and The Magic Trap

The Truth About Forever
By Sarah Dessen
Ages: 12 and up

On the outside Macy Queen looks like she is coping with the loss of her father. Her grades are good and she's doing all the things that are expected of her. She goes into her summer with plans of working at the library information desk and studying for the SATs in the evening while her boyfriend is off at "Brain Camp". Never did she image herself working at Wish Catering and never did she expect to meet someone like Wes who is her complete opposite. Macy thought her life ended with the death of her father, but all ends are really new beginnings.

The Divorce Papers
By Susan Rieger
Ages: Adult

Sophie Diehl is working for a New England law firm as a young associate. Her specialty is criminal law rather than family law. She would rather work with those behind bars than those going through divorce. While the other associates out of town, Sophie is called upon to interview a high-profile client. Sophie agrees, but only if her part is through after the interview. The client develops a fondness for Sophie and asks her to handle her divorce. The whole book is told through emails, memos, letters, legal papers and articles to bring the reader inside the story.

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