Sunday, August 23, 2015

New This Week - 23 August 2015

Kids Books

  • A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen (25 Aug)
  • Anton And Cecil: Cat on Track (Book 2) by Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin (25 Aug)
  • Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: Twenty Chilling Tales from the Wilderness by Hal Johnson (25 Aug)
  • George by Alex Gino (25 Aug)
  • Island Treasures: Growing Up in Cuba by Alma Flor Ada (25 Aug)
  • Nanny X Returns by Madelyn Rosenberg (30 Aug)
  • Noah Webster: Man of Many Words by Catherine Reef (25 Aug)
  • Space Dumplings by Craig Thompson (25 Aug) graphic novel
  • Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (25 Aug) graphic novel
  • The Making of New Navy Seal: My Story of Surviving the Toughest Challenge and Training the Best by Brandon Webb (25 Aug)
  • The Wolf Wilder b7 Katherine Rundell (25 Aug)

Teen Books
  • A Little in Love by Susan E. Fletcher (12+)( 25 Aug)
  • Code of Honor by Alan Gratz (12+)( 25 Aug)
  • Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano (25 Aug)
  • Friends for Life by Andrew Norriss (25 Aug)
  • Mechanical by Betsy Cornwell (25 Aug)
  • Somewhere There Is Still a Sun: A Memoir of the Holocaust by Michael Gruenbaum (10+)(25 Aug)
  • The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender (12+)(25 Aug)
  • Thirteen Days of Midnight by Leo Hunt (14+)(25 Aug)
  • Stranded by Melinda Braun by (25 Aug)
  • Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister (25 Aug)

My Apologies!

I just looked and it's been a while since I not only posted, but added a video! Summer was quick and busy and WHERE DID IT GO!!  I am hard at work and getting caught up so keep checking back AND while you're at it, comment below on this month advanced copy! Maybe you may win it!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

August Giveaway - Goodbye Stranger

Goodbye Stranger
By Rebecca Stead

"You must have been put on this earth for a reason, little girl!"

Bridge is an accident survivor who's wondering why she's still alive. 
Emily has new curves and an almost-boyfriend who wants a certain kind of picture.

Tabitha sees through everybody's games. Or so she tells the world.
They're best friends with one rule: No fighting. Can it get them through seventh grade?

"Somewhere there's a universe in which you never left."

Everything is different for Sherm Russo this year. Then he gets to know Bridge Barsamian. What does it mean to fall for a girl - as a friend?

White carnations for friendship. Pink for like. Red for love.

On Valentine's Day, an unnamed high school girl struggles with a betrayal. 
How long can she hide in plain sight?

Ages: 10 and up
Publication Date: 4 August 2015