Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 2 - Screen-Free Week Idea

READ!!! Personally, I find reading to be a wonderful use of time AND if you go outside and read in the sunshine, then you get a tan/Vitamin D and a great story. It doesn't get much better! Screen-Free Week is an amazing time to catch up on some of those books you've been dying to get to and it's also a great time to get some books read for your Sweet 16 or Strive for 25. Edgewater Books has an incredible selection of great books to help you out. Magazines are also great options. Did you know magazines are still around? My personal fave...National Geographic. Yes, I read it. Cover to cover. The photography is outstanding and the articles take me to places I'll probably never go and teach me about things I've never thought of. There are other great mags though. Try a teen mag for the girls or Boys Life for the boys. National Geographic Kids is a great magazine for both boys and girls. 

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