Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hope Is A Ferris Wheel By Robin Herrera

Hope Is A Ferris Wheel
By Robin Herrera

Star Mackie or as everyone calls her, Star "Trashy", is a naive, mullet (layered-cut) wearing, 5th grader who lives in Treasure Trailers trailer park. She's looking for a club to start, but not like her sister Winter's writing club that got her expelled from school. Her Trailer Park Club was a flop, but now she's moved on to form The Emily Dickinson Club. Star is focused on her club, but notices Winter getting more and more withdrawn and argumentative with their single mom. Winter even suggests a day trip to visit their Dad who has no part in the girls' lives. During that fateful trip, Star learns two things that will forever change her life. What does Star's Dad tell her and why did Winter have to see him now? What happens with The Emily Dickinson Club? Find out all of this and more when you read "Hope Is A Ferris Wheel" by Robin Herrera available March 2014.

Ages 8 to 12

Three Nasty Gnarlies By Keith Graves

Three Nasty Gnarlies
By Keith Graves

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Grubby Gurgle, Stanky Stoo and Ooga-Mooga are nasty Gnarlies that live in the dump. Life was fun and full of song until Snooty Judy Butterfly came along and told the Gnarlies that they "...are not beautiful." The Gnarlies try to be like Judy until they realize that they were just fine before. They had been perfect all along. Set to easy-to-read, rhyming prose, "Three Nasty Gnarlies" by Keith Graves tell us you have to be happy with who you are. Perfect for children who are insecure about themselves in relation to others around them.

Picture Book

Think Cool Thoughts By Elizabeth Perry

Think Cool Thoughts
By Elizabeth Perry

It's hard to imagine right now the hot days of summer where the air is so hot it can melt chocolate bars. I bet Angel would appreciate our snow right now, but she's experiencing the hottest day of summer. There seems to be no relief until her Aunt Lucy and Mom tell of a childhood story about sleeping on the roof. Angel has got to try it so they lug a mattress, sheets and pillows to the top of their apartment building and Angel is amazed at the sky. While the adults chat, Angel dreams crazy dreams and when she wakes up an amazing thing happens. Find out what that amazing thing was in "Think Cool Thoughts" by Elizabeth Perry. Great book for winter too!

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This Plus That By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This Pluse That
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Life can be broken down into equations. Every little moment can be the sum of two actions or two feelings. Love + family + friends + fun = life. Find out other life equations in "This Plus That" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Fun story for young math students!

Picture Book

Chopsticks by Jon Berkeley

By Jon Berkeley

Chopsticks is a little gray mouse who lives in a big and beautiful floating restaurant in Hong Kong. One night the wooden dragon that is wound around a pillar in front of the restaurant tells Chopsticks that he wants to fly and he knows who can make that happen. Find out what the dragon asks Chopsticks to do and if they ever leave the floating restaurant in "Chopsticks" by Jon Berkeley. Perfect book for Chines New Year!

Picture Book

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie By Laura Joffe Numeroff

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
By Laura Joffe Numeroff

"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" is an all-time favorite classic that has spawned a series of action/consequence books. What starts as a simple gesture of offering a cookie to a mouse, turns into hair trimming, house cleaning and picture drawing. Find out what else happens when you give a mouse a cookie in "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" by Laura Joffe Numeroff. Makes a great flannel board story!

Picture Book

Slugs In Love By Susan Pearson

Slugs In Love
By Susan Pearson

Marylou thinks Herbie is just fine and pens beautiful poetry to him in slime. Herbie thinks Marylou could be the girl for him but every time he writes her back his prose gets carried away or washed off by the rain. Will these two slime-crossed loves ever meet? Find out in "Slugs In Love" by Susan Pearson. Perfect book for Valentine's Day!

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