Friday, May 1, 2015

Black Beauty

By Anna Sewell

This is my ALL TIME favorite book and I think that it is perfect for the end of National ASPCA month. Black Beauty is set in Victorian London when folks got around in horse and buggy. Horses weren't really considered pets, but creatures of necessity. Anna Sewell documents the life of one of these horses from a kind and gentle masters to harsh and cruel masters. It is told in Beauty's own words, thoughts and feelings. The book was instrumental in creating animal cruelty laws and continues to do so to this day. What I didn't know, was that Black Beauty was the only novel Anna Sewell ever wrote. She wrote it in 1877 during the last years of her life and it was published five months before she died. She was able to see, briefly, how so many people fell in love with the story. I think this is a must read for everyone and especially those with animals...horses or otherwise. 

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