Sunday, April 5, 2015

Celebrate Bat Appreciation Week!

Did you know that April 5-11 is Bat Appreciation Week? Bats are extremely interesting animals that help us out a lot. They eat insects! The Little Brown Bat (that you probably notice sitting at sports practices in the evenings) can eat 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour! That's better than a bug zapper! Bats find their way in the dark using "echolocation". Echolocation is a high pitch sound (we can't hear it) that the bat sends out. That sound bounces off an object and comes back to the bat. From there, the bat can tell the objects size, distance, speed and even texture! The largest bat in the world is called the Flying Fox. They are scary awesome, but are in danger of becoming extinct from being hunted and food sources (they eat fruit) being destroyed. Celebrate Bat Appreciation Week with a good book!

By Jeanne Willis

Goodreads Summary:

All the young wild animals think Bat is mad. How can she say a tree has the trunk at the top and the leaves at the bottom? Until, that is, they consult wise Owl who suggests that if they just try looking at things from Bat's point of view, they might see thing very differently.

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