Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Truly Great To Read Aloud...With A Slightly Older Audience

How They Croaked
By Georgia Bragg
Illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

Okay, this isn't REALLY holiday reading, BUT...it's a great way to get together with the older kiddies in your homestead AND learn some really cool history AND read out loud like you did when they were 2! My kids are 13 and 14 and we would read one person a night after dinner. They got to choose the awfully famous and I got to read their awful end. The book is not written like the horribly dry history books that they trudge through in school. This is exciting stuff with puss and fat and beheadings and blood-lettings and all kinds of creepy "cures" doctors back then would put the critically ill through. The book also features some of the most famous folks in history from King Tut to Julius Caesar to George Washington to Albert Einstein. Even the not-so-terribly-famous like James Garfield who we all were quoted as saying "Who?". By the way, he's a president. By the way, he laid around with an infected bullet wound while his doctor's tried to find it/pry it out...with their fingers. Bottom line, it's a fun read for everyone and a great way to get the teens off the phones and video games. You may not only share a few laughs, but walk away with a few more history smarticle particles.

Upcoming - How They Choked!! Can't wait!!

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