Thursday, June 19, 2014

Welcome To Summer!!!

School is out for summer!!! Summer is an amazing time of the year that kids have been working toward all school year. It's the one thing that has never changed with time - summer break! Kids can lose a lot of what they learn thoughout the school year. Reading is a great way to exercise the brain and keep it in shape for the Fall. Before you start throwing things and screaming "BOO!" and "SUMMER HATER!", just think about it! Books make TERRIFIC beach companions! They travel well. They don't require any batteries. You don't have to keep them charged. They are time machines. They come in so many different styles and genres and shapes and sizes. WAIT! Time machines? Oh yeah!! Grab a book before your next big road trip and you would be surprised at how quick that trip goes just by reading! Yeah, summer and books go hand in hand. So hop down to Edgewater Books and find some good material for YOUR summer!

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