Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Survived Book Series

Boys are a tough crowd. Many start out as great readers, but by the time they hit tweendom they start to lose interest. Thankfully, there are quite a few books out there that may get those lost souls back onto the reading train! Lauren Tarshis has put out quite a few books in a new series called I Survived. I Survived books are tales from history as told through the eyes of a young boy who has lived through the experience. I Survived books are fiction from the "young boy" standpoint, but the historical references are factual. The stories are fast moving and full of action and they are true history that any boy would love. The I Survived books are:

                                         - The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912
                                         - The Shark Attacks of 1916
                                         - Hurricane Katrina, 2005
                                         - The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941
                                         - The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
                                         - The Attacks of September 11, 2001
                                         - The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
                                         - The Japanese Tsunami, 2011

Lauren Tarshis is the editor of Scholastic's magazine "Storyworks" and the group editorial director for language arts for Scholastic classroom magazine. She has also written "Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out Of A Tree" and "Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell In Love".

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